These days, couples look for something innovative, creative and adorable at the same time. Especially when it comes to their wedding decor. There’s this new trend that has spread like fire – merging the bride and groom’s names and make one name out of it. Sounds cliche but this turns out to be the fondest memories from the wedding.

Coming back to the wedding decor, are you tired of the same old, done to death ideas? Then here we are to your rescue with some new, fresh and oh so adorable ideas. As we were speaking about merging the couple’s names, here’s how and where you can incorporate your and your partner’s names at your wedding.

On the couple’s seat at the engagement:

On a seat meant only for the queen and the king, incarnate their names on it.

As a centerpiece:

Decorate the dining tables by incorporating the couple’s names as a centerpiece and grab everyone’s attention.

As a stage backdrop decor:

A backdrop decor is an all-time favorite. So why not decorate it with the names of the prince and the princess on it!

A decorative chair:

Decorate the back of the chairs with your and your partner’s names and make them the cutest chairs ever

As a ceiling decor:

Drop the beautiful, customized chandelier from the ceiling and make your wedding affair a grandiose one.
Use these ideas in your wedding or suggest your friends about the same and make your friends and families go Awwww! Start screenshotting and sharing it with your friends now and oh, you’re welcome!