Brides these days are worried more about two things – Why on earth did Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik split and how to make my wedding lehenga look unique and different. Well, we don’t have answers to Gigi-Zayn breakup but lehengas, we certainly do! And we have found a few not-so-common Do It Yourself ideas for your lehenga which will make it look outstanding.

Weave your story (Literally!):

Why keep your love story only to yourself when you can let our lehenga do the talking? Weave your love story as an embroidery on your lehenga and make all the heads turn. And as we always say, it’s all in the details, for this lehenga it is true!

For the Namesake:

When two names are going to be one (I’m so cheesy), why not weave them forever? Get your and your life partner’s name written on it with a beautiful baarat processing design on the lower side and there you have a quirky and noteworthy lehenga!

Blouse from a renowned designer:

Yes, big labels do sell only blouses as well, but we’ve never asked for them. You can opt for some fabricated lehenga, but never compromise on the blouse as the fitting matters a lot.

Embroider it:

If you think your lehenga is too simple, make it classy and attractive by adding some embroidery to it. In Mumbai, Manish Market and in Delhi, Lajpat Nagar are overloaded with all sorts of embroidery. Small, big, embellished, everything!

Use your mom / granny’s old saree:

We took passing on the traditions pretty seriously. Pretty sure your mom or your granny had their own bridal buys that you can mix and match and create a more contemporary silhouette. There are so many designers / tailors who would be happy to make a newer drape for you out of it so you can even preserve it and maybe pass it to your daughter. We feel this one’s the winner.