Goa? A big NO! Thailand? Done and dusted. Bali? Yawwwwnn! Wedding being one of the most important and life changing event, bachelor or a bachelorette party is a new trend these days. Basically, it is nothing but a funky way to say goodbye to your old routine before you start your brand new life.

So, if you’re saying goodbye, why do it in an old, boring and a dusted to death way? We’re back with another exciting blog about a phenomenal destination for your bachelor / bachelorette party, and it is NOT Goa or Amsterdam. It is a unique, least explored and beautiful destination – Ibiza!

Ibiza, the Mediterranean paradise of the shores of Spain is an exquisite and perfect destination for a bachelor / bachelorette party. Insane crowds, never-ending parties and the home ground of the largest club in the universe; Ibiza is one of the most sought after destinations for the bachelors. Music that appeals you to the dance floors, stunning performances, overflowing booze and the alluring ambience all around; can you ask for more?

Things to do in Ibiza:

Spend a quiet day with your best friends or girlfriends on a beach with some chilled beer, watching the sunset, take a stroll by the shore and share endless laughter with them.
Dance your night out at one of the world’s famous clubs, Amnesia Ibiza
Go on a boat tour with your gang
Spend a day at the Hippie Market near Santa Eulalia

How to reach there:

There are no direct flights from any city of India to Ibiza. If you are willing to travel from India, then it is better if you reach major cities like Barcelona in Spain and then come to Ibiza by boats or flight.

Where to stay:

You can try Airbnb or some motels to experience the actual culture of Ibiza.